Together with "Could be Architecture" and Miami University Department of Architecture I was able to complete a course based on Could be Architecture's ‘Animate Architecture’ project over the course of 3 days. Animate Architecture is a video series that brings together architecture, puppet theater, and performance art. The animation features a puppet performance or 'animation' that propels familiar architectural “characters” (in this case arcades) into lively locomotion. After the live show of the puppetry, we participated in a talkback discussion with Could Be Architecture as well as Miami professors where we were able to unpack the architectural lessons from the creation and presentations. This workshop was extremely beneficial based more on the discussion and process on how this idea to Animate Architecture came to be.
This is my group's final video of the Ambling Arcade. A story where the "children" learn to stand and to walk and to be like their parents. The parent arcades are standing strong and unified in line, and their children are running about not standing in attention. The video ends with the children forming their own version of a unified line.

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