Luxembourg Architecture Studio

The Differdange Brewing Company, located in Differdange, Luxembourg, is housed in a 15th century castle that has been renovated to meet the needs of a fully functioning 21st century brewery. I was asked to use the already existing castle and add on or change the layout in any way in order to accommodate a brewery and more. Through this transformation, I wanted to take viewers on a journey through time and create a unique experience when they tour the brewery.
The building not only includes a brewery but also features several other amenities for customers. There is a multi level restaurant, game room, meeting rooms, event spaces, classrooms, a gift shop and a variety of seating areas for any time of the year. The building also features four bars on two separate floors so everyone will always have a full glass. 
As previously stated, the idea for the brewery was to create a maze for users to interact with as they make their way throughout the brewery. In this maze they are able to learn about the history of the area as well as of the brewery and can use this concept to follow the entire process beer takes while being made. From start, in dry ingredient form, to finish, cold and bottled, users are able to learn about everything that goes into making beer and can experience the flow and travel time beer goes through in the process. This provides an interactive and exciting way to journey throughout the building, and makes the testing at the end so much more worth it.
Much like the interior "maze," the exterior also features a hedge maze to continue the excitement and create another level of enjoyment and interaction for customers when they come to the brewery. 

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