The Oxford Transit Hub is a multi function transit station that is focused on providing transportation services to and from Oxford, Ohio. The station is able to accommodate bicycles, buses, trains, cars, and pedestrians in order to easily get people from place to place. The location for this building is on a busy intersection in Oxford, Ohio less than a mile away from the Miami University main campus. Therefore one of the biggest uses would be to college students coming and going from the area. 
The goal of the project was to create a space concealed from the road but also accessible to the public from all directions. By designing spaces that were hidden from the road, I was able to create a sense of privacy for the users while also not impeding their line of sight and making the space dangerous for anyone. The idea was to use different angles with an open air design so while walking around the structure you could see in but while driving you could not. To maximize security, I wanted people to be sheltered and secure while also being able to see everything around them.
The shape of the building came from the shape of the ground, specifically how the terrain is uneven and hilly around this part of Ohio. It takes the form of mounds which also relate to the past Native American tribe, the Myaamia Tribe, as a dedication to them and their long history before they left this area. To maximize the amount of people the stop can hold, there are integrated benches in most of the walls of the structure allowing for lots of open standing room without the added clutter or congestion placed tables and chairs provide.

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