For this self portrait, I wanted to create a piece that not only showed me, but one that also had a deeper meaning behind the photos. The piece tells a story about my life and how all the different experiences I have had have made me into the person I am today. The order of photos starts at the bottom with my childhood and adolescent years and ascends up towards the collar with my most recent college years. I wanted the photos that make up the shirt to show the different experiences that I have had and   how they have shaped me. There are positive photos, negative photos, funny photos, and embarrassing photos, each associated with a different memory or experience I had and each telling a story. Part of symbolism in the piece also stems from the blurry main photo the shirt is made up on. This is to show how people often get caught up in their everyday appearance and often forget what it is that made them the way they are. Therefore the blurriness acts as a filter so the viewers are able to see past the facade of my appearance and see into what really makes me, me.

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