Super furniture a multi-functional piece of furniture designed to fit around the daily lives of a student. It was created to be a singular mega form in a room and provide several functions a typical student would need to study effectively. The integration of several different furniture elements create a space for students to reside where they don't need to move or go from room to room while completing their work. The furniture included within the from includes a desk, a bed, a chair, shelves and storage spaces, a ladder and a table. The form also includes light sources and power outlets for students to utilize while working. 
The structure works from the ground up where the desk is on the lowest part in green and has a matching chair in front of it in blue. Much of the storage for the desk is in the slats of the structure of the green "worm" and can easily be accessed when sitting or standing at the desk. There is a couch behind the desk, in orange, for when the users need a break and don't want to climb to the bed. Then the bed is above the desk, in gray, on the upper part which can be accessed by climbing the slats towards the right, on the blue "worm", leading up acting as a ladder for easy access on and off the bed. There is a table built into the top of the blue "worm" that serves the bed and allows for users to bring work up there if need be. The idea for this project came from personal experience working long days and is my attempt to create a multi functional space that users can interact with all day and night without the need to change locations for different needs, such as studying versus sleeping. 

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