Mixed Use Housing Studio
The Curve is a mixed-use apartment complex located North West of the Ohio River within the Mt. Adams neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. The building focuses on the many beautiful views that can be seen of the river and uses a radial axis around the buildings core to provide views to every area. The stepping of the facade is designed to mimic the surrounding buildings of Mt. Adams in the way they protrude down the hillside. The purpose for the building is to provide a place for residents to have all living, working and personal needs met in the most comfortable and connected way. By providing many personal green spaces as well as serviced ammenities, residents won’t even have to leave the comfort of their own unit.
Systematically, the building operates in two pieces, the core gym area and the surrounding apartment blocks. Both pieces are connected by the incorporation of light wells throughout the layers of the building. These lightwells act both to bring light deeper into all the units and also to create an unobstructed view from the river to the center. The core of the building encloses the gym area and recreational facilities the building has to offer. From the main gym area there are five alternate points to view the river. Then, sweeping around the core are the various apartments. There are eight different styles available. They are a one level or lofted unit that is a studio, 1 bedroom, 2 beroom or 3 bedroom. Each provide ample interior space, private exterior spaces and  amazing views of the river.

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