Urban Design Studio
In collaboration with Gregor Tillman and Jason Loeb
The focus of my Undergraduate Capstone Studio was on a project that dealt mainly with Urban Planning. To accomplish this, I collaborated with two other individuals to map, conceptualize, and design a plan for a trade school that will benefit the residents of Ohio River Valley. I began by examining the physical conditions of a number of communities along the Ohio River through a series of mapping exercises. This investigation aided my group and I in determining what type of program we wanted to develop and how we could assist the valley. We chose Parkersburg, West Virginia as the site based on its central location as well as its moderate population of young and working individuals who we believed would utilize our school. 
By interacting with the site and neighboring transportation routes, the physical structure is able to connect individuals. Since the building functions as a bridge between the rail and the river causing it to become very long and narrow, thereby dividing the site in two. To break the separation, I utilized the building to create a series of indoor parks and diversions that provide ample space to weave through the building without interfering with the existing trails and outdoor spaces. In one park, there is a portion of a covered bike path with benches and restrooms that allow users to rest and refuel, in another park, there is an amphitheater that hosts local and in-house productions, and in yet another park, there are exhibition spaces that attract residents to see traveling exhibits, student work, or local events.
A unique feature of the vocational school is the ability to distribute self-sufficient classrooms throughout the Ohio River Valley. This is a significant aspect of the schools education as well as a connective component to the community. By connecting to both the rail and the river, the school is able to have a shipping line to send various materials to adjacent cities, thereby providing them with access to support and education they might not otherwise have.This shipping line enables us to ship box cars and shipping containers containing all the equipment required to learn and teach the various trades offered by the school. By essentially constructing a package, we can provide everywhere with life-changing education.Not only are we able to provide education to those who lack it, but we can also offer courses and programs that other institutions in the Ohio River Valley do not offer. This allows us to reach a larger population and provide services for people of all ages. From teaching young professionals fresh out of high school to taking a recertification course for a working professional or a class on how to use your new computer, there are a variety of opportunities to teach. Everyone will have access to the program designed for them.

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